Projects 2008

Programmes in 

Romania, Nepal, Hungary, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Sierra Leone, 
Belarus, India, Malawi, Kenya, Jordan, Nigeria, Philippines
, Bangladesh


"Chemistry Clinic" The Science Lab ReviseGuys
Digital Literacy
Love me Love  Environment Food Health
and Hygiene

Animal catalogue Sierra Leone and Nepal  Uganda

Supplies Delivered to

New spring/summer attire and bed linen for Metta Centre
Clothes, educational items, torches and lanterns
Shoes and related items coats, gloves and hats.

Children's clothes and leotards
Educational items

Educational material - resource packs, teachers' notes and lesson plans
pens, pencils, cuddly toys etc - 3 schools

Baby clothes, educational supplies, baby bottles cuddly toys
Children's a baby clothes/tracksuits

Miscellaneous educational items, clothing etc

Educational material - resource packs, teachers' notes and lesson plans
Baby clothes, educational supplies, baby bottles cuddly toys

Finances towards miscellaneous educational supplies

Miscellaneous items
Schoolbags, pencil cases and baby clothes.

Multiple Supplies
850 Back packs/school bags for Romania, Hungary, Sierre Leone,
Philippines, India and Tanzania

Multiple Locations
Schoolbags - scarves and shoes to
Serbia, Hungary, Romania

Miscellaneous educational items, sports items, games
Educational poster pack
Pencil cases etc

Small finances towards ecological project

Tanzania, Philippines, India, Hungary, Romania, Bangladesh
Large multiple delivery of baby/children's clothes, educational supplies, including
school bags, pencil cases, education packs, children's games and
sports' supplies.

Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa and Bangladesh
Substantial science resources and sportswear

Bangladesh and Ethiopia
Toys and Schoolbags

Ethiopia and Burkina Faso
Educational resources, toys, clothes etc

Sierra Leone
Toys, educational supplies, clothes, pencil cases
Education and Science resources
Classroom science books for 18 libraries

Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Bangladesh, Swaziland.
Educational supplies, teachers notes, miscellaneous other items.

South Africa
Educational material - resource packs, teachers' notes and lesson plans

Uganda and Sierra Leone
Educational material - resource packs, teachers' notes and lesson plans

Set of Encyclopaedia Britannica

Visits/Events/Reports/Galleries 2008
Visit to India January,2008
Visit to Ethiopia February,2008
Visit to Tanzania and Gallery March, 2008
Visit to Belarus March/April,2008
Visit to Bath and Gallery April,2008
Bangladesh and Gallery March/April,2008
"Project Hope Uganda" April,2008.
Philippines May,2008
Hungary Romania June,2008
Belarus August, 2008
Hungary October, 2008
Nigeria October, 2008

Formation of
Project Hope Nigeria
Project Hope Uganda
Project Sunflower Hope
Project Hope Kenya

Affiliation of  
Development Report Nigeria

Partnerships with Many Organisations

Further citizenship modules Nigeria
Visit to Hungary  Visit to Nigeria
Water and forest projects various countries.~
Environmental/Ecological Projects Belarus
Visit to Tanzania
Visit to Philippines


Communication 2008 with

Belarus Nepal Uganda U.S.
Nigeria Zambia Philippines Hungary
Ireland Tanzania Denmark Bulgaria
India Israel Pakistan Sierra Leone
Spain Sweden Bangladesh Bulgaria
Dubai Ethiopia Sierra Leone Brazil
South Africa Mozambique Ghana Kenya
Ukraine Romania Japan England
Brazil France Ethiopia Malawi
Italy Greece Canada Venezuela
Peru South Korea Poland Portugal
Burkina Faso Italy Germany Croatia
France Denmark Turkey Australia