Trip to Hungary, October, 2008

Melanie Price, Tommy Kennedy,wife Donna Kennedy,Wilson Scott,Alison Downey,Margaret Buick, Margaret Bradley, Betty Price,Bridie Laverty,

Seven days in Hungary, visiting Budapest, and 4 villages on the Romanian Borders.

This was the first time for the team from Belfast to visit Budapest in Hungary. They knew they were coming to visit poor people, but they werenít prepared for the poor conditions of the villagers. They came to HELP and GIVE, and thatís exactly what they did.
We went out with musical instruments, and delighted every one with Irish music.
As a group we provided many people with immediate relief from poverty.
Alison bought a Chainsaw, and Tommy and Donna bought a lovely new washing machine, for the home in Nyirbeltek. We had bought some food, and gas, and wood, to last over the Winter months. A bike was bought for Dani, as he needs to ride from village to village.

Money was left for various utility bills, and for a Christmas Meal for the children, in two villages.There is so much more that could be said that, we did, but its not about what we did, but what they did for us.
They gave us all a new perspective of life, and we were humbled by their kindness and hospitality. They left their two room, little flat, so that nine of us could sleep there for the night. They vacated the flat, and served us biscuits and coffee, because thatís all they had. What generosity, and love, what hospitality. How many of us would open up our LUXURIOUS Western, houses to three people, never mind nine. No matter how many times I return, Iím always astounded at how much the poor can give, and how they welcome us as one of their own.

I think we have so much to learn from them, and about getting back to basics, and reality. Weíve decided that the Irish people have evolved from Hungarians, because they have the same traits of laughter and jokes......could be something in that........thank you Belfast, you were the perfect Ambassadors of Peace, to this Kings Nation, HUNGARY