Temperature Control
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Temperature Control

Pathogenic bacteria are part of the natural world.  They like the things we like, and multiply best at body temperature (37 degrees).  We must do everything possible to control the conditions that encourage their multiplication which takes place between 5 degrees and 63degrees.  This temperature range is called the danger zone. Bacteria can grow between 5 & 63, but grow best in the middle at 37 degrees.

Rules of Temperature Control

Restrict the time that high risk foods spend at danger zone temperatures

Keep hot food above the danger zone at 63degrees or more

Keep cold food very cold, ideally between 0 and 4 degrees

Cool hot food quickly, preferably within 90 minutes

Re-heat food until it is piping hot

Ensure that food is at a safe temperature when it is delivered to you work place

Keep refrigerated food in storage until it is needed for preparation of serving

Refrigerate raw, highly perishable and high risk foods immediately after delivery

Cooking at 70 degrees or hotter for sufficient time will kill most pathogenic bacteria

Cook food thoroughly right through to the centre

Donít cook food too far in advance, unless temperature is controlled