Storage and Delivery
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Storage & Deliveries

Just imagine you have been shopping – maybe put shopping bags on the ground to open the door, or simply taken delivery of a box full of groceries!  Where do you put the bags or the box when you enter the kitchen?  On the work surface of course!  You don’t know what contamination is likely to be where your bag or box has been!  Be aware of how easy it is to bring contamination into the food preparation area.

Some basic rules for ‘storage and delivery’ can ensure you do everything necessary to maintain the safety of food in your kitchen.

Rules for Storage & Deliveries

Store delivered goods in correct storage immediately, i.e. In fridge or freezer

Store raw and cooked foods seperately

Reject frozen food deliveries which have partly thawed

Reject packaging which is damaged, dirty or wet

Reject food which has signs of mould

Check date marks – reject when food has gone past the use by, or best before dates

Cook food for immediate consumption rather than cooking in advance

Don’t leave food in warm kitchen – serve and eat, or store correctly.

Store chemicals away from food areas, and clearly label

Check fridge and freezer temperatures are correct

Frozen food should be thawed correctly, preferably in fridge day before.

Store food off the floor.

Check stock rotation, i.e. first in, first out etc.