Personal Hygiene
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Personal Hygiene

It is said that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, however,

safe eating is easy – with food for thought.

We all carry bacteria on our bodies, some of which cause food poisoning. some of the bacteria is carried in our gut, which means that even when we are fit

Rules for Personal Hygiene

Always wash you hands before handling food

Wash hands in between handling raw and cooked food

Wash hands after visiting the toilet, blowing the nose, and taking a break

Wash hands using soap, water and clean towel

Keep cuts and sores covered

Wash hands after handling refuse and bins

Do not use the same wash basin for hands and food.

Never smoke where food is prepared and served

Do not eat whilst you are handling food.

Do not cough or sneeze over food.

Ensure that protective clothing covers own clothing, or any area which may come in contact with food