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The purpose of our trip this time is to take the children on a holiday for which another one of the Aid workers and a good friend of mine has provided the money. We will take them to a holiday camp just 30 miles away in Nyiragahza. I do not know yet all about the camp, but I think it will be quite basic. Nevertheless, the children have never before left their own village and are really excited about their holiday, and the benefits for them goes without saying apart from the fact that they have never left their parents and the village, they are learning the love of the Lord Jesus in a practical way that is coming from another country showing that people really do care about them and love them. Words without actions are empty words.

I personally love these children very much after getting to know them. Danni and Kati are so fervent in their work that it puts me to shame. It is so easy for us to do something for someone when we already have the resources, but when you have nothing yourself and go out of your way to help others and teach them a better way, and to give them hope, then God sees this and God shows us that what is impossible for man, it is possible for God, for God can do all things