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A Glimpse at the Problem

The Church of Living Waters is now made up of approximately 120, poor  gipsy  children. Dani  and  his  wife  Kati, are  very poor,  but they have a great love  of  the  village children,  and a greater love of  God.

They built a lean to on the side of their house. Danni made the lean to out of the only resources that were available to him. He couldn't even afford to buy wood, so he used the bark off the trees as the supporting beams, he then covered it all with plastic sheeting that he acquired of passing transport lorries. This was the church for the little group of Christian gypsy children.

Melanie went out  with a  team of  aid workers just over 6 years  ago,  she was  on her way to Romania.  It was then firmly laid  upon Melanie s  heart....

Dani and  Kati,  started  by teaching the children to read, by reading the Bible,  as this  was the  only readable  material  she had. A  Bible  school  was  started,  and a Church, (Templom Elet Vize), and a  school,  has  grown  from it. The Church, and school  are called,  "Living  Waters".

Since that time the small Church has grown. The children know their Bible, and a new generation of Christians are growing up in this remote village of Niryabeltek.

The children now have a Church building that is made from breezeblocks. As funds were supplied Danni built the Church building with his own hands. The children are now on an advanced Bible study and they can say many verses from the Bible by heart.



Sowing  seeds  of  joy, hope, truth, happiness and LOVE.
Reaping  a  harvest of  happy,  healthy, educated  children.