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This site is dedicated to

Joseph Creddy Price


Johnny Boy

10th April 1972 - 15th April 2000


The Sunflower Trust is dedicated to Joseph Creddy Price. Joseph Creddy Price has always been known as Johnny Boy Price. He was born on April 10th 1973. Johnny Price was born into a Romany  family. He lived in a caravan with his family. Travelling around the towns in the Northwest. He was one of 5 children. Johnny had 2 brothers Thomas, the elder brother and Dino the younger one. He also had 2 sisters, Mella and JoJo. His father is called Gypsy John Price, and his mothers name is Melanie.

Johnny lived a remarkable life, and the Sunflower Trust is dedicated to him, because of the vision given to his mother. His mother Melanie is a Christian Missionary and worker. She has been an aid worker in Eastern Europe for over 10 years, and works mainly in Romania and Hungary. The Lord Jesus gave her a vision of her sons life.

The vision is of a sunflower. The sunflower seed is just a little flat bean like seed. When it is sown into the earth it begins to grow very quickly. When the seed is sown in March or April it starts growing very swiftly, by July or August it is a fully-grown flower reaching heights of up to 8ft. and over. As the sunflower grows it turns its head towards the sun.

The stem of the flower is bright green and very thick, and the flower head itself is the colour of the sun, golden yellow. Its petals stretch out to lap up every ray of heat that the sun has to give. The flower is watered profusely by the early spring rains, and draws its nourishment from its deep embedded roots. By summer the flower is strong enough to withstand the fierce heat from the sun, but its petals distribute the heat evenly on the flower head. Because of the sprawling design of the petals, the heart of the flower head is rich and full of nectar, sustaining many creatures and insects that feed from it. When the flower starts to wither and die, it scatters its many seeds far and wide. Death is not the end for the sunflower, for when it is harvested, its oil that is extracted has many wonderful uses. The sunflower oil has been used as an herbal medicine for women's hormonal enhancement for centuries. It is also used as aromatherapy oil for beauty purposes for hair and skin. We all know that sunflower oil is used in cooking and can be made into margarine. The stem of the flower is used for silage and fodder.

The interpretation of the vision is about Johnny, who was just a simple little Romany boy who was planted in the Christian faith, chosen by the Lord for a purpose. He grew very quickly in stature and strength, his beauty was radiated by his aura, which was the light if the Lord shining through him. As he grew in years, and age, his head was turned to the sun, that is the Son of God, Jesus Christ. His seeds were words, which were sown into the lives of people. Those words are the words of life, the living word of God. The words are words of Truth better known as the Gospel. His oil was the anointed oil of the Holy Spirit that lived inside him, and spurred him on to do the things that the Lord wanted him to do, and to go where the Lord led him. His faith and beliefs were his roots that came from his fervent teachings from the Bible, rooted deep into his mind and soul, they were written on his heart and came forth from his mouth. Johnny lapped up the warm love that ever surrounded him and enveloped him, and that was the agape love of God as the Lord caused his face to shine on him. He radiated his love to all who encountered him, just like the petals of the flower. his seed has spread far and wide, as he told the people about the love of God, and to those who gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Johnny died on April 15th 2000 aged 27 years. Johnny lives on in the people he brought love to.


Sowing  seeds  of  joy, hope, truth, happiness and LOVE.
Reaping  a  harvest of  happy,  healthy, educated  children.