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A Glimpse at the Problem

 Nyirbeltek is a small village in North East Hungary only 5km from the Ukraine and Romanian borders, which made it an ideal resting place for the team of aid workers after their 3-4 day journey across Europe.

  The  people  of the village of   Nyirbeltek, are mainly  from  the  Romany people. They  had  travelled from  Persia  and  India, many  years  ago. Romany people have  been  persecuted  all  through-out  Europe,  because of  the  darkness of  their  skin and  their roving  nature. During The Second World  War, ethnic cleansed  1000000s  of  Romanys or  gypsies,  as  the  world  would  call them where gassed under the Nazi regime,  along  with the  Jews. 

The  people  of  Nyirbeltek, were  not  even  recognised by their  names,  as they  only  had  numbers, they were forbidden to speak their own language. These  people  are  very family orientated  , and  they  do love their  children. Be cause of their non  status, they were  not allowed to work, nor could they travel  so they were pushed on to the borders of  the neighbouring countries that they were  in. They now  live in their own remote  gypsy villages. The poorest families live out on the edge of the village. In  stature, they are small. dark brown skinned people, with jet black  hair and  wide, brimming smiles. They love music. They are not allowed into the towns or  shops. Among  the  children, there  are  a  lot of  children with special  needs. Many are homeless, orphaned, and  sick. adults suffer a lot from depression, as  all  hope  has been taken away from them

They are given a small allowance per month to live on. If they have 3 children, the government will give them the supplies to build their own houses which are very basic, usually a 1 story building consisting of 3 rooms (1living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bedroom). So all the folk go and couple up and have 3 children in order to get themselves a home. They do what they can to feed their families.

Nyirbeltek is a remote village, although there are many other villages within a few miles radius very much the same as this one. Danni and Kati found it very difficult and dangerous to spread the word of Jesus. First they had to confess to be Catholic or Greek Orthodox (but they never attended Church). Second, most people from the villages are related and to go against the families  beliefs would be unspeakable, but God always finds a way. The children listened to the Gospel and so The Templon Elate Viza (The Church of Living Waters) was born.


Sowing  seeds  of  joy, hope, truth, happiness and LOVE.
Reaping  a  harvest of  happy,  healthy, educated  children.