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Spire High School is a Christian founded school whose aim is to academically create excellent students and bring up God fearing and morally upright citizens. Our Motto is “DEEDS SPEAK ALOUD”. Our students are so trained to believe that this is not only true at school, but outside school. And this is what they have to reflect having been in an environment that cherishes moral, religious academic and practical excellence, the very environment we provide at Spire High. We are a mixed day and boarding secondary school with a curriculum rich in many arts and science subjects.

Manyangwa Modern Primary School was founded in 1994 to help fill the education gap in the community of Manyangwa with 40 students and has seen its population grow to up to 530 pupils. The school is a privately owned institution. We aim at being a school with a difference in offering quality competitive primary education coupled with art, agriculture, music dance and drama and vocational skills to enable the young fit in the world. We are “Committed to the preparation of the rural child with knowledge and skills for a better tomorrow”.

Community Parent Concern (CPC) seeks to transform a predominantly illiterate community into one capable of sustaining their own economic development. We move towards that goal by instilling into the community a culture of collective concern for children, helping needy parents access support in promoting children’s rights for survival and development, and educating children. Our mission is to groom adults who cherish the memories of their childhood and are eager to perpetuate children’s rights. We envision and empowered literate community able to make informed choices.

Kabubbu Community Library exists to empower Ugandans with skills to combat poverty. Our vision is a society transformed by literacy, which is able to progress sustainable development. We aim to provide Ugandans with literacy, life, vocational, organizational and business skills, create a love of reading, learning and cultural expression among Ugandans, build a self-sustaining library service central to community development and to develop a library service according to community and national priorities in order to meet the educational needs of futures generations. Since 2002, we have been able to set up a library building, stock the library, train and hire librarians to serve the community and to offer adults literacy courses and vocational skills to the community which has all helped in transforming the entire society.

A mixed day and boarding secondary school, Gayaza Cambridge College of St. Mbaaga set off with a mission to Produce Socially Acceptable Citizens. Our motto is that God helps those who help themselves. In 2003, we were able to register the ministry of education and sports and to acquire a license. We currently have a population of 640 students offering both arts and science subjects at the Ordinary and Advanced levels of education.

Early Childhood and Care Development Center (ECCD – Gayaza) exists to sensitize the community on the importance of exclusive breast feeding for the first months of a child’s life, carry out home visits and follow-up of all breast feeding mothers to educate them on the benefits of exclusive breast feeding to both the mother and the child so that mothers can adopt the practice, help caretakers identify activities that can be carried out to promote mental and social development of a child and responding to children’s needs. Our mission is to promote supportive and conducive environments for the survival, growth and sustainable development of children and families.  

Network for Peace Initiatives (NPI) aims at promoting education for peace and fostering positive values, behaviors and attitudes to build a culture of peace for national development, stimulating institutional linkages between national and international partners and building a participatory process for sustainable peace and development. We envision ourselves as the leading civil organization championing the culture of peace in Uganda. NPI’s mission is to work towards promoting a world in which non violent interactions are the norm.