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Kabubbu Community Library

Started in 2002 by Mrs. Victoria Brasier, Kabubbu Community Library now serves a Parish of nine villages, and many others from outside the Parish of Kabubbu. The library is committed to raising the lives of the people in the communities served through education. The library offers Functional Adult Literacy, Literacy and Numeracy education to both adults and young people who have no opportunity to attend formal school, reading and book borrowing, a children’s programme etc. The library is staffed with three librarians. The programmes and the support received by the library has made it a central part of the lives of the people it serves.


Community Action to Support the survival of Orphans is an initiative of the congregation of the Catholic Church of Gayaza Parish. The project helps orphans and their families to cope with life. It helps with school fees and other school needs of the orphans and supports their families. CASSO also supports family headed by teens as a result of loss of parents to AIDS/HIV. Through its Peer Groups, CASSO helps in Identifying and developing the talents of the orphans in its support.

The Carrier Pigeons

A Youth Music Dance and Drama group, The Carrier Pigeons set out to educate communities about the presence, spread, prevention of and everything about HIV/AIDS. The Pigeons fights the stigma that is so often directed to HIV victims. Besides their fight against HIV, The Pigeons offers an opportunity for many youth to identify and develop their talents in such a way that not only benefits them, but entire communities. It in a way serves a media for the youth to vent their frustrations and stresses of life.   


Community Parents Concern started out to help community parents in their divine role of bringing up children in a moral, caring and positive way. CPC seeks to produce future members of society who have been well catered and cared for as children. It helps parents with proper child rearing, and also helps the community children whose parents may despise and or mistreat. CPC strives to make sure that every child’s yearning for love and care and importance is at least fulfilled, and at best put to the benefit of both the child and the community.

Gayaza Cambridge College of St. Mbaaga

The College is for both boys and girls with a current population of 640 students. It offers education to students between Secondary 1 and 6 with both Science and Art subjects at both Ordinary and Advanced levels. Cambridge College is located in a rural area about 90 minutes drive from Kampala City. The College is both day and boarding. The college has a bursary scheme for students with outstanding talent in sports, and for those students who are unable to fund their education, but are willing to undertake jobs at school in turn for the opportunity to be at school and receive an eduction.

Early Childhood and Development Center (ECCD)

The center is located at Gayaza on the premises if Gayaza Project. The center strives to provide an environment to young children to be able to grow up with healthy bodies and brains that can support their learning throughout life. 

Uganda Literacy and Adult Learners’ Association (ULALA)

ULALA is committed to supporting adult learners in communities and has registered a number of successes in functional adult literacy. It gives opportunities to adults who were not so lucky to get a formal education.

Spire High School

The school offers education to students at the secondary level of education. It has a population of 390 boys and girls. Both sciences and arts subjects are taught at the school.

Manyangwa Modern Primary School

A primary school educating pupils from baby class to primary seven, Manyangwa Modern Primary has a population of 530 children. The school encourages its children to help their underprivileged schoolmates through supporting them with scholastic needs.

Network for Peace Initiatives (NPI)

NPI envisions a peaceful Uganda. It is committed to building and strengthening the foundations of peace for the country. NPI mobilizes communities, schools and other institutions and stakeholders in the country to the urgent need for peace in the whole country. It carries out a number of programmes in the northern part of Uganda which has been hit hard by a civil war over the past 22 years.

Uganda Hope Foundation

Uganda Hope Foundation is  a voluntary non – Governmental and not for profit  organization; set up to design and implement development related projects, through defending, promoting and raising awareness, acceptance and knowledge; socially, culturally, legally, economically etc, in a bid to empower and develop capacity building of local communities, in order to reach their full potential, through a participatory approach.



Affiliated to "A Ray of Hope UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace"