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"Project Hope Uganda"
Caring and Sharing for the Benefit of All

“Empowering Communities”

“Because we believe that offered an opportunity, supported to create one, every child, adult and community can reach their highest potential, and with that potential create more opportunities for themselves and for others, and because we believe that the greatest potential of our world can only be realized by awakening the highest potential of even the least of children, men, women and communities in our midst, we will help illuminate the abundant Rays of Hope in every soul and in every community. It is to this mighty goal that we invite you to partner with us in realizing the real possibilities of all….which are the real possibilities of our world.
God Let it be

Seguya Pius

Project Hope Uganda is in partnership  with the United Kingdom Charity
 "Education to End Poverty" (Charity Number 1140282)


Uganda Hope Foundation

Thank you to Chris Taylor and Clare Meade from National Institute of Adults in Continuing Education (NIACE)

 Project Hope - Uganda Annual Report for the Year April 2010 – March 2011


Affiliated to "A Ray of Hope UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace"