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Number 13 August 2010


On February 12th this year six local primary schools went head-to-head in the first interschool quiz competition. The competition, held over three days, tested students’ knowledge in a different subject area each day.

The subjects were: the Human Body, the Solar System and Geography. Teams were given the opportunity to answer 70 question in each subject, adding up to a total possible high score of 210. And though the competition was sometimes close, in the end it was Rogbonko Village School, with a total score of 167 which took the overall title of Area Primary School Quiz Champions.

Twice in the last two years and with the kind help of A Ray of Hope  in co-operation with the David Tyler Trust, Rogbonko has been the recipient of several sets of educational wall charts covering a range of science and nature subjects, designed and supplied by PCET (Pictorial Charts Educational Trust) in Ealing. On each occasion the quantities supplied have been so generous that Rogbonko School has been able to share their good fortune with five schools in the surrounding areas.

The idea behind the competition - the brainchild of Rogbonko Headmaster Augustine Kamara - was to maximise the use of these valuable teaching resources. The questions were set on the basis of information contained in the charts, which are on display in the every school classroom.

Telling Tales Out of School

Ever since Rogbonko School started in January 2003, Friday afternoon, the end of formal lessons, has been one time pupils have looked forward to. For an hour in the afternoon children gather and take turns to tell stories to each other. These may be traditional folk tales, which often include sung choruses and audience participation, or they may be stories the children have made up themselves. Every year a prize is awarded to the child who tells the story deemed by his or her peers to be the best.

This year the award - the Storytelling Cup (donated by one of the school’s earliest supporters) and a gift of an Oxford English Dictionary to keep - went to Adama Turay, a Class Five pupil. Adama held the attention of fellow pupils and teachers alike for 40 minutes, with a story about four friends brought to a bitter end by their own greed.

In the story the four discover a treasure trove, which they all agree to share equally. One friend is sent to fetch food for the others, but decides secretly to poison the food, with the idea that he will keep the treasure for himself. Meanwhile and unbeknownst to him his three colleagues have hatched a plan to kill him on his return and divide his portion of the treasure between them. When he arrives back carrying a big pot of rice and stew, they set upon him, beat him and steal his share of the bounty. Then they settle down in a celebratory mood to enjoy the food he has brought. Adama says the story was of her own devising, inspired by traditional Sierra Leone folk tales.

Giant Sized Gift

Our thanks once again to PCET . Earlier this year Rogbonko Village School received a gift of several sets of giant science books - the excellent illustrated Science Focus series. In the past PCET has been hugely generous to Rogbonko Village School twice giving us sets of science and natural history wall charts and teaching aids (see main story).

Sports News

Rogbonko Village School took first overall place in the Inter-Primary School Sports Competition. Rogbonko played host to the games which included volleyball, football, the 100 metres and a skipping competition. The Sierra Leone Ministry of Education sent gifts of stationary, books, pencils and rubbers to be given away as prizes.

In January this year Rogbonko Village School Trust shipped £500 of sports equipment including footballs, volleyballs, discuses, hula hoops, linesman and marker flags.

Rogbonko Village School Trust, 161 Waller Road, London SE14 5LX.