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Venture Productions :
Baladna Association for Arab Youth

Tag Teacher Net
The Science Lab

HMP Maghaberry International Culture of Peace Projects

One Mediator Design
Hope for Children, Peru   
Ulster Teachers' Union

Westbourne Recording Studios   
Pictorial Charts Educational Trust
Kabbubu Community Library, Uganda

Victor Curry Swing Time/Big Band  
Proposal for Memorial World Trade Centre New York

Friendships from The High Mountain to the Emerald Island - Nepal and Northern Ireland
Bandawe Girls' Secondary School, Malawi
The Sunflower Trust, Romania

CP Trophies and Engraving

Culture of Peace Kenya 
Dawn Mitchell Design Studio

"Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic
1st Class Software
Education for Non-Violence

Casso Surviving Orphans

Manyangwa Modern Primary School

Orchestra of the City of London