A Glimpse at the Problem

I had been asked to take a lady from America,  out to Nyirbeltek, in Hungary to see the work with the children, and village folk.

We picked up some very cheap tickets off the internet, and a team of 6 went out altogether. Debra Sweeten and her daughter Miriam, wanted to come out, with a view, to bringing young students to the village, for some voluntary work experience. It was a quick visit, as we could only be in the village for 3 days.

Many people came to greet us. Dani and his wife Kati told us that many people were coming from neighbouring villages to seek help and advise on all sorts of things, from health matters to  heart matters.

Three young men had come from the village of Nyirbator, to work along side of Dani and Kati. They aim to be taught and educated , so that they themselves can go out and teach others. We took $1000 out with us, to progress the work. The children of the village, were happy as usual to see us, but it was so cold, that we didnít get to see all the people.

Snow was falling and everything was white. Cutting wood in the Summer months, is vital for cooking, and keeping warm in the Winter months. We decided to buy Dani a chainsaw, so that no longer he would have to use a large heavy axe. Dani had a serious back operation last year, so this gift of a chainsaw was welcomed with a big smile.

The children are progressing with their studies, and Kati said, so many  of the younger children got very high marks. Christmas was celebrated with many of the children receiving diplomas for their work. There are 6 other villages now involved in this project, and  we are preparing to have a wonderful get together  in the Summer.

We have an offer of another building,  which was owned by the vet. It is right opposite Dani and Kati s house, so would be perfect for the Church/Bible School and community centre. I shall be going out again in the near future to look at it. Our dreams of a  Bible College and School seems to be coming into being. The children are getting ready to do an outdoor play for Easter, based on the story of Jesus. The hearts of the people have been lifted, because of this work out in these villages, its not all to do with educating the people, but more about making friends, showing our Christian love, building bridges, boosting their confidence and giving them a hope for their future. Knowing that some of us do care and are willing to make sacrifices in our own lives..

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