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April, 2000
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Earth and the White Wings
April, 2002
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Welcome to "Little Switzerland"

Mozyr, Belarus


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Projects Mozyr,Belarus
November/December 2012


Special people and events
Belarus November/December 2012

Projects and Events Mozyr, Belarus
May/June 2012


Miscellaneous Photographs Mozyr, Belarus
May/June 2012

Visit to Mozyr Belarus
November-December December, 2011

Art Competition - Friendship without Borders
Mozyr, Belarus December, 2011

May, 2011

November/December, 2010

April/May, 2010

May, Belarus 2009 Part 1 - Part 2
May - Family and Friends

August, Belarus, 2008

Belarus Account March, 2008

Mozyr and Area August, 2007
Belarus July/August 2007 - Report and Links
Welcome to Narowlya now affiliated to A Ray of Hope
Cultural Museum Narowlya

Mozyr, Belarus April, 2007
Visit to Mozyr Belarus. April, 2007
Welcome to Ecological Centre Mozyr, Belarus

Mozyr, Belarus on World Peace 26th September, 2006
Mini Peace Web - World Peace Day

Report August, 2006
Culture and Ecology Gallery
Miscellaneous Gallery
Peace one Day Mozyr

Culture of Peace Art Competition and Report Belarus April, 2006

Report and gallery August, 2005

Report and Gallery March, 2005

Gallery August, 2004

Gallery April, 2004

Mozyr, Belarus April, 2003
School for Diagnostics and Development, Mozyr.
"Polesskaya Zorachka" Dance Festival, Mozyr