Projects  and events completed 2024

Programmes in
 Nepal, Brazil, Uganda, Gambia, Philippines
Myanmar, India, Nigeria, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ukraine

Philippines Cagayan de oro district,  Well done Glorecita on her outreach and associates   Extra photographs of  the more permanent installations of  “ Solar lights” initiative for the less privileged in one of the poorer barangays of Cagayan de Oro increasing community safety assisting with the reduction in crime .



India - two amazing initiatives - congratulations proffered to the inspirational Sujata and teams. A fantastic excursion for our Senior children of The School of Happiness to Nainital. Thank you Sri Aurobindo Ashram for hosting and facilitating the week long Youth Camp that included activities such as hiking, trekking, rock climbing, outdoor survival training, adventure sports, volunteering and meditation.


Truly a life changing and unforgettable experience for our children where the core values we treasure were reinforced - team work, self awareness & belief, discipline, empathy, sustainability and time management.
A visit to the President's Estate and gardens - Amrit Udyaan - with our senior school children.  The flowers and the setting were a visual treat as was the camaraderie, group cohesiveness and encouraging a  positive use of leisure time.  A day well spent!


Philippines Cagayan de oro district, This project supported by David Tyler Trust is a  “ Solar lights” initiative  for the less privileged in one of the poorer  barangays of Cagayan de Oro increasing  community safety assisting with the  reduction in crime  -


The people have little  access to electricity due to a shortage of finance to buy lines & pay for their monthly bills.  They use lamps as a  source of light during night time.   Presentations also on community safety and education of the vulnerable.

Collection boxes Aghalee and Aghagallon  April, 2024 - Philippines Many  thanks from A Ray of Hope, UNESCO to the proprietors, staff,  and customers of  Aghalee Centra, Aghalee Pharmacy, Aghalee  Building and Agricultural Supplies,  and Hannons  Fruit and Vegetables, Aghagallon.  The generosity is overwhelming and covers the costs in entirety of this project.  Your support on this  occasion was sufficient to provide a food pantry/ kitchen plus footwear and essentials.

Nepal -- Topic plantation and cleaning our environment aim to instil in the children the importance of a greenery and plantation and to demonstrate a healthy environment helps us to be healthier especially free from pollution, litter and all those things that damage our air, our land, our seas.
Shemrock School, Banepa.


Nepal - Dental care camp
This dental health camp is one day camp for the students of Bal batika school. The main objective of the camp is to provide basic dental health education to the school children and motivate them for dental hygiene. Not enough time is spent on various aspects of health education amongst the young. The importance of oral hygiene and dental care as a child and as an adult. Bal Batika School


Nepal --"An aware community is a better community":
Drug abuse awareness programme Community police:    Place: Janasewa Secondary, Panga


Nepal --Educational visits to  historical sites and  temples to create a greater cultural and heritage awareness with younger children and to develop an insight into a more positive use of leisure time and interests.  Siksha Bal Banepa



Myanmar-- New furniture and science equipment for recently built school – enrolment 200 pupils – now sister school to the already successful primary school address  Elpis School Yangon, Myanmar.



Donation towards
essential medical supplies,

Kherson, Ukraine.


Nepal - Training in confidence in public speaking will help in overcoming the fear of speaking in pubic. The speaker will be encouraged to improve organization, communication and presentation skills will enhance in students their sense of self-worth and personal esteem. Place: Mangal School, Kirtipur
Nepal: Solid waste management is one of the important issues in the cities of Nepal. Making people aware about its importance helps to manage solid waste and contribute to environmental cleanliness. We are trying to educate students about environmental issues. Place: Ratna Rajya Secondary School, Kathmandu

Cultural Dance: Nepal's pride Cultural dress: Decoration and stage: costumes For three performances: Cultural dance performances increase social and cultural interaction and contribute to community well being and togetherness. We are trying to preserve and promote our cultures and developing community cohesiveness at the same time.


Nepal : "A tree for the future":  Appreciation of our environment – increase awareness of preservation and conservation issues- Place: Himalaya Secondary School, Banepa



Nepal:  Mental health – positiveness – personal esteem and pride in ones self.
"Let's take care of our mental health"
: an awareness program on mental health Place: SCIF orphanage home, Kirtipur


India - World Book Fair ---Congratulations to the very dedicated and focused Sujata and team who diligently look for events through out the year to widen opportunities and awareness for their students. Our annual excursion to the World Book Fair for our senior children - an event that we eagerly look forward to each year. A big thank you to National Book Trust, India for the wonderful activities at the Children's Pavilion and for all the support.

Nepal "Futsal Training Program". "Born To be New Player" Sport isn't just a good way to keep children's bodies healthy, but it also has psychological benefits and teaches them important life skills too. Organised sport has many psychological and social benefits for children – even more than the physical activity during play. We have a sports club, named Amartya Yuwa Club.  It's because we have realized that sports encourage kids to push their comfort boundaries and also allow them to build self-esteem as they learn to trust in their own abilities.

We  believe that it brings positive change in the society We are looking forward to conduct a "Futsal Training Program".
Futsal is the FIFA-recognised form of small-sided indoor football (the word is a contraction of the Spanish 'fútbol sala'). It is played between two teams who each have five players on the pitch at any one time, with rolling substitutes and a smaller ball than soccer that is harder and less bouncy.The small amount of space means players must have great technique and skill,

 Uganda ; David Tyler Nursery and Primary School is a school offering education to very deserving disadvanteged children. The school is  a blessing to the community where there are many children currently we have 270 children  enrolled but we are struggling to get seats for  the younger children -  50 nursery chairs 10 tables supplied – well done Daniel and his team .


Nepal – today ; Science equipment for a new science laboratory  - the name of the school, science facility is  Shree Arnico Secondary School Bhadrapur Secondary School 3 Suryanagar , Jjhapa, Nepal


The presentation of the science equipment was a very successful occasion with many friends of the school being present including local dignitaries and the media.

Uganda ;
Hermitage Community Secondary School and Vocational Centre Butanza is located in Luwero district supporting children to acquire education and become self reliant citizens As the year begins we want to start renovations and decorations - the buildings which have  deteriorated a little  with use and  we need to provide a warm welcoming environment condusive to learning  .


2023 Revisited (A small selection of photographs.)