Projects  and events completed 2022


Programmes in
 Nepal, Brazil, Uganda, Gambia,
 India, Nigeria, Philippines,  Ethiopia, Ghana, Myanmar


Nepal; although the pandemic continues to abound Maiya and Tulsiram and their network of contacts managed to complete three of their projects for the year-- well done to everyone involved -no doubt more to come during the year
 .Title: Greenery and Environmental Health (Plantation programme) 1. Fruit species 2. Flower sShiksha Sadan Secondary School
 Eco club formation and environmental awareness programme (for sanitation and environmental cleaniness): knowledge sharing and speaking skill development programme along with this programme. The eco club will be formed in Himalayan Secondary School, Kavre



:Meditation exercises , singing, story telling and stationary distribution to Mamta Children - a home for very disadvantaged children



India ; gender sensitization workshops,, leadership potential- goal setting , navigating life's possibilities sessions - Sujata and team always on trend




Collection boxes Aghalee and Aghagallon  December, 2021

Many  thanks from A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace to the proprietors, staff,  and customers of  Aghalee Centra, Aghalee Pharmacy, Aghalee  Building and Agricultural Supplies,  and Hannons  Fruit and Vegetables, Aghagallon.


.Your support on this occasion will be used to bring some joy to disadvantaged children located approximately 3 hours drive from Manila in the Philippines. 98.00 was raised --- a magnificent total, which will purchase toys for the children and party related items. Photographs of the event will be distributed in the New Year.
We have made new friends in Philippines introduced to us by Glorecita I am sure we will have initiatives together in the years to come. Eduardo and his team are well organised caring and compassionate

Our Community Outreaches in Cagayan de Oro City..

1. Community Feeding for undernourished kids- 4 areas

2. Community Service Outreach in the Landfill Area, and Canitoan Area of the City.
We do community feeding and technical training- welding for workers displaced by the pandemic.
3. Organized Women's Group by teaching them sewing and making rugs,masks, and sewing army uniforms this year 2021 since March of this year.
4. Recently making cheap sandals to further increase the income of marginal workers.


The last few years have been extremely difficult for the volunteers attempting to complete their planned projects - it is hoped that this year might proffer some respite from the extreme challenges they have had to contend with  - To begin the year we are grateful to Sujata, India, and Daniel, Uganda for the photographs of miscellaneous activities carried out when the opportunities arose .

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