Projects  and events completed 2021


Programmes in
 Nepal, Brazil, Uganda, Gambia,
 India, Nigeria, Philippines,  Ethiopia, Ghana, Myanmar


A busy few days in Nepal,

Project 1 - mindfulness, positive thought ,story telling and language development music and movement – group activities


Project 2 – the importance of the environment and a balanced ecology – tree planting preservation and conservation
Project 3- health and hygiene  tips to stay safe and well



Project 4  - distribution of educational supplies and expendables.


Collection boxes Aghalee and Aghagallon   May, 2021

Many  thanks from A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace to the proprietors, staff,  and customers of  Aghalee Centra, Aghalee Pharmacy, Aghalee  Building and Agricultural Supplies,  and Hannons  Fruit and Vegetables, Aghagallon.  

Such was the success of the last venture, supported by the collection boxes, that it was decided to repeat the initiative in several areas of the Philippines  and assist  the many  hundreds of disadvantaged families.   The people have great integrity and appreciate  the littlest of support.

We  will be able to assist families with of rice, noodles,  eggs, salmon vegetables   etc.
It is important for Glorecita and her team that those receiving the donated food items are treated with much dignity and respect. Many thanks and congratulations to all that give of their time to assist the completion of these projects.

Nepal  ; magician roadshow and performances with the themes language and communication, also confidence in self aspirations and fulfilling potential -

Performances and workshops educating on the importance of cultural dance, music  and community and self expression. – well done Tulsiram and all involved in the organisation.

Nepal ; Perfectly timed as the needs became critical - Suni and Rasmita begin assisting disadvantaged members of their communities - rice, hand sanitizer, surgical masks, chawanprash, hand wash etc  distribution during covid-19 pandemic

Suni’s project distribution was through the elderly whilst Rasmita’s project – items distributed to families through youth  and children  from all accounts perfectly timed initiatives

Ethiopia ;  photos of various building and gardening activities that have been taking place in the compound of our girls’ hostel in Shakiso town. Some of the photos show the land before it was cultivated We are so encouraged by the quality of work that is being done by the newly elected management team for our partner organisation (Unity Development Association, UDA) in Ethiopia. .


Elfneh and his team and partners
are most concerned about the living conditions of young girls and persevere to improve their future potentials and circumstances

Uganda ; After many months we can again begin using Western Union and supporting some of our projects. First in line for the restart was new uniforms for the ever enlarging enrolment of David Tyler Nursery and Primary School, Uganda.

Many thanks from A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace to the proprietors, staff, and customers of Aghalee Centra, Aghalee Pharmacy, Aghalee Building and Agricultural Supplies, and Hannons Fruit and Vegetables, AghagallonThe generosity of everyone is overwhelming. Many years ago a large typhoon made hundreds of families in the Philippines homeless. These communities are still very disadvantaged and the monies raised will assist in purchasing food packages for the most necessitous in their milieu.

Nigeria ; As COVID  begins to release its tentacles Gladys visited Nigeria to complete two further projects. In line with previous health objectives dozens of children were given eye tests and received reading glasses  - Mathematics, English, Science, agricultural textbooks were provided to two schools as well as very necessary educational expendables.

Nepal digital projector rural schools west of Kathmandu



Nigeria Domestic science workshops

After  a nearly 4 month “lay off”.  In Nigeria, Dr. Raphael and his team were the first to break the ice  and provide  domestic science ,bakery and cookery workshops and demonstrations for 150 students  in the disadvantaged  rural suburbs-   well done all involved and a special thanks to  Ade.

many congratulations
to Daniel and team Uganda -this is the all new
David Tyler Nursery and Primary School catering for 186 pupils and 8 members of staff a wonderfully incredible achievement.- supported by Dugdale Trust.

2020 revisited