Projects  and events completed 2020


Programmes in
 Nepal, Brazil, Uganda, Gambia,
 India, Nigeria, Philippines,  Ethiopia, Ghana, Myanmar



even more  January

Nigeria  ; Dr Raphael James brings his domestic science and cookery demonstration/activities road show to schools in the rural environment.


Our schools in Uganda  ; David Tyler  Primary and Nursery School increased enrolment produced the demand for  more  school uniforms
 and the enormous popularity of Hermitage Secondary School and Vocational Unit resulted in  an  increased  need for extra desks/benches and school furniture.
January  continued

2020 commenced with a few wonderful projects in India and Myanmar. 
India Henny  Penny Libraries 50 and 51 inaugurated

; .

Suji and team continue with their awesome network development
 and the promotion of library, reading, language and related skills
Myanmar Andrew visits and enjoys an educational trip
for the children to botanical and zoological gardens.

Uganda distribution to needy families - 
first class example Daniel



India   miscellaneous activities Henny Penny Libraries 
wonderful Sujata and team



Nepal new schoolbags for 15 children 
more to be purchased in 2020


 Selection of 2019 revisited