Programmes in
 Nepal, Brazil Uganda, Gambia,
 India, Nigeria, Philippines,  Ethiopia, Ghana, Myanmar

Nigeria – “ skills acquisition workshops “  -
 fashion and accessories.

well done Ayodele and team

Nepal – Series of dance music movement, performances across Kathmandu high schools – Nepalese culture.


Installation and plumbing of fresh water supply etc to rural school in Philippines
Myanmar - educational visit to botanical and zoological gardens
India ; Henny Penny Library
number 49 launches
Ethiopia; support for the children including
new printer and accessories
India ; Henny Penny Library number 50 opens for reading, research and much more.


Nigeria sessions 3 and 4 household skills acquisition re health and hygiene.

Ethiopia – group benefitting from tablet purchase and internet research.
Nepal – computer package for rural school west of Kathmandu.
Uganda- miscellaneous photographs – trophies medals etc arrive safely.
Nepal –Nepalese culture dance music and movement financed from local collection boxes

March update

Nigeria skills acquisition demonstrations and workshops – health and hygiene – disinfectant , liquid soap – anti bacterial - etc. sessions 1 and 2

The Gambia – classroom furniture – for new intake of pupils.

India – miscellaneous photographs environmental field trip – world book fair excursion including language activities.
Nepal -  Japanese art and culture – craft activities, decoration and pictorial displays.

Nepal – Dance and drama workshops ”Our Pride our Culture.”

India  - field trips – presentations language activities – International  Book  Fair.

Nigeria – field trip to bronze casting workshops and studio – museum of art and culture.


Nepal – multiple activities, environment and ecological activities, art and craft workshops – activity workshops – better use of leisure time- happiness and art- school decoration and exhibition

February update
Nepal -  a wonderful new library furniture, shelves books and reading materials
Nepal – environmental debating competition
India – miscellaneous activities and workshops
Nigeria – cookery and domestic science demonstrations and workshops
Nepal- ecological awareness activities – tree and shrub planting programmes.

January / February  Update

A wonderful start to 2019 augurs well for the projects to follow.

Uganda new  shoes for David Tyler primary and nursery schools.

Environment and ecological awareness activities.  - music and dance expression activities

Nepal - special day out.

Uganda – new projector and miscellaneous photographs Hermitage secondary school and vocational unit.

Uganda and Nigeria – trophies, medals awards for sporting and academic achievements.



A few tasters of things to come in 2019

 Seasons greetings and poem  from Dr. Federico Mayor past Director General of UNESCO

     Ethiopia - Medals trophies and shields, and a lap top for girl’s hostel

     India ; environmental awareness preservation and conservation activities

    Nepal – Maiya completes the set of “our daughters” with degrees

   Philippines ; thanks and best wishes from a school we assisted.



A Selection of 2018 Projects Revisited