A Ray of Hope Projects 2017

Programmes in
 Nepal, Brazil Uganda, Gambia,
 India, Nigeria, Philippines,  Ethiopia, Ghana.


NEPAL.....computer printer and laminator for teachers’  resource centre in western Nepal

Uganda ;some developments at David Tyler School and Hermitage Secondary School and Vocational centre.


India ;  Sujata and team – Henny  Penny 44 educational work shops        and language activities


Myanmar – orphanage and home  possible new project for 2018  wonderful initiative Andrew and team                           


NEPAL ; A myriad of work shops demonstrations educational activities on


many themes including drama ecology environment, culture an festival days

   India : Series of language workshops in various locations.



India : Language workshop Henny Penny Library

and new Henny Penny Library No 44

Nepal: Library activity workshop



Nepal : Environmental workshops through  the medium of magic – 2 locations

Ethiopia – laptop for
Elfneh’s hostel for girls


The Gambia –
two computers for Xavier School


India – English language workshop with Sujata
 Nigeria – domestic science and bakery workshops for 100 students
Uganda – school move also computer and textbooks for Hermitage Secondary School and Vocational Centre.
Uganda : Furniture for David Tyler School

Nepal : Looking forward to assisting with our new library project




  India : First of a series of workshops
Uganda : Wonderful new premises Hermitage Secondary School
 Uganda : Thank you to “Roll out the Barrel” for their excellent support to needy families.


Uganda :
new school uniforms


June, 2017
Nepal : Maiya's environmental art workshops

May, 2017

1. Brazil – Environmental workshops, recycling materials, art / craft competition and exhibition.


Uganda – new school uniforms for David Tyler School and parents’ meeting.
India - Henny Penny Libraries 40 and 41 open – Empathy awareness programme
Nigeria – Intensive ICT training and workshops
Philippines – teacher training – literature and skills workshops.
Uganda Hermitage School – much needed furniture

March Update
Nigeria – educational supplies and text books.

Nepal -  Drama
delivering the message of health, hygiene and sanitation : 4 workshops

     Uganda – David Tyler School – Construction and decoration

Uganda – Parents’
meeting and new school at the Hermitage


Nigeria – Fashion and Accessories workshop No 3   
 Nepal – educational toys and playground equipment
  Nigeria  - educational trips to museum and history workshops
Nigeria - Fashion and Accessories workshop No 4
February 2nd update  
Uganda : David Tyler Nursery and Primary School bursting at the seams needing new classroom.

Nigeria : Fashion and accessories workshops 1 and 2  for young adults.


Uganda : Photographs of children at the primary school – increased enrolment – new furniture is the next goal.
Uganda : Hermitage school – new site preparing for the students.

3 projects

Massive thank you to the sponsors David Tyler Trust, Alan and Elaine’s Mace and Zita’s Pharmacy, Aghalee.


Well done to  Maiya, Sunita and Tulsiram and all those who volunteered to assist.

Art workshop,
competition and educational supplies, (Maiya)

trip to historic sites, (Tulsiram and Maiya)

Library supplies
 – including furniture, table, chair and books, (Sunita)



The Gambia :
two computer packages for Xavier School.

 Nigeria –
educational visit
to coca cola factory and zoological/  botanical gardens

 The Gambia – new furniture desks and chairs for Abba School

January 2017
Uganda – exterior wall plastering Hermitage Secondary School and Vocational Centre .

2.      Nepal – Maiya delivers hats scarves etc to counteract the cold weather. Thanks to Heather and Maiya’s team who also provided educational expendables

– Hermitage school totally redecorated and new signage.
 Nepal – Health and hygiene workshops and message promoted through magic shows.

5.      Nigeria : Tosin visiting her initiatives….

Message from our
Dr. Federico Mayor -
past director-general
Miscellaneous December / January
1. Titbits from Nepal.
2. Supplies from Roch Valley
3. Nepal : Maiya and friends assist at the orphanage with supplies
4. Brazil : Vera organises environmental presentations

A Selection of 2016 Projects Revisited