A Ray of Hope Projects 2016

Programmes in
 Nepal, Brazil Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Romania,
Belarus, India, Nigeria, Philippines,  Ethiopia, Ghana, Cuba

Henny Penny Library No. 39
  Nepal – well done Maiya with our new project – travelling street theatre celebrating and promoting Nepalese Culture.
Uganda – Hermitage Secondary School and Vocational Centre



 Uganda – David Tyler Primary School Miscellaneous events.


Interim project period – miscellaneous photographs from our projects and potential new projects for December, 2016,  in India, Nepal, Philippines, Gambia, Uganda.


October Update
Nepal - Refurbishment of rural classrooms
Uganda – little graduation ceremony – new photograph and term start up supplies

Nepal – cultural celebration
Nepal – Educational field trip

Uganda -  David Tyler School – new term begins

Uganda – Daniel visiting families in need and enrolling more children for primary school ( other necessitous items also being acquired.



Philippines : Television and DVD players for rural schools

Ethiopia : Ecological and
Sustainable initiatives.

Uganda : Educational Visits
for David Tyler School

Nigeria : Educational Visit
to Nigeria's National Museum.
Uganda : Classroom refurbishment and
Parents' Meeting at
Hermitage Secondary School
and Vocational Unit.
Nepal : Austin receives a Nepalese
welcome when he visits
Ganesh Secondary School and the
Metta Centre - everything
absolutely magnificient.
Hermitage Secondary School and
Vocational Centre : First educational
Fieldtrip to science locations.
Nigeria : 4 weeks vocational workshops and lifeskills :

New furniture : Uganda
Uganda : Hermitage Secondary School and Vocational Centre
Miscellaneous photographs and young entrepreneurs .

Our young star and future
president from Kathmandu


Uganda Hermitage Secondary
School and Vocational Unit.
Art classes begin, Prefects appointed, all pupils and senior students and vocational students now in uniform, computer package purchased for computer studies.
Classroom refurbishment Philippines. More to follow.
India : Henny Penny Library 38 – magnificent Sujata and team. The library is situated at Himalaya Public School Village Suyalgarh.

Uganda : following the possible threat from intruders – not just to our school but the district – the educational authorities decreed that all premises should be secure – Hermitage Secondary School and Vocational Centre therefore needed gates !


 Nepal : Maiya visits rural schools to discuss possible areas where she and ourselves might be of assistance.


Nigeria : Gladys organises visit to Museum and Bakery. Excellent educational practice following bakery workshops at the school.


Uganda : Examination time David Tyler School
Uganda : Hermitage Secondary School gets first of the new school uniforms – and the security guard also.
Nigeria : 2 educational visits to museums – good day had by all
Nepal : Maiya visits a rural school some distance from Kathmandu...
Nepal : Educational visit to site of interest
Nigeria : Educational visit to Fire Station
Uganda : Hermitage ..... new school uniforms – magnificent effort from tailoress.

Uganda : Hermitage : Hairdressing, sewing vocational skills  : young entrepreneurs – soap making.
Nepal : educational fieldtrip
Nepal : Renu & Dilip’s beautiful son
Brazil – Vera organizes shadow theatre and ecological workshops
Nepal – presentation of a multi media projector for students and teachers at a rural resource centre.



Nigeria – final photographs from leatherwork and shoe making workshop
India – Bani and Putal fly to Iceland for presentation of their artistic workshops


Uganda – sewing machine for vocational centre.
Uganda – prototype uniform for Hermitage Secondary School – first uniforms made by our new tailoress. We are impressed Beatrice.


Nigeria : Final shoe and leatherwork workshop – 4 weeks completed – a really well thought out activity – well done Ayodele and team.


Uganda : Hermitage Secondary School and Vocational Centre : a few new and repeat photographs. New kitchen in full operation. Excellent achievement – Daniel and team.


Nigeria : Well done Ayodele – 4 weeks of workshops on leather working and shoe manufacture.
Nigeria - bakery workshops
India : Ian shortly to embark on his journey with Henny Penny Posters and support for Sujata  Uganda : Daniel and team deliver clothes to needy recipients.
Children's visit to zoological gardens, Nigeria
India – Sujata and team take young Henny Penny Library Readers on  educational field trip to International Book Fair and workshops.
The Gambia : Text books purchased for a school
Nepal – Krishna and his brother Kumar – revisit a village decimated by the earth quake –
educational supplies for the school including 8 white boards, educational expendables for the children and more warm clothing.
Uganda : David Tyler School gets a face lift and their urgently needed new classroom.

Dr. Federico Mayor sends his best wishes for 2016.
Uganda – enrolment of 62 – new classroom needed – construction starts.

The Gambia – wonderful progress at Abba International School.
The Gambia – school furniture purchased for Simon’s school
India – well done Sujata and team and thank you United Benetton.
Possibly a secret location near you……….. magic, myth or miracle ?
Spirit of Christmas VI Philippines – distribution of educational expendables
Brazil – Paula distributes educational expendables.

Nepal – Maiya distributes warm clothing and educational expendables to needy schools in rural Nepal.


Graduation Day Uganda
Science and Ecological Presentation Brazil.


Nepal – martial arts at the Metta Centre.
Brazil – Paula distributes items to needy children on her roadshow..