A Ray of Hope Projects 2015

Programmes in
Romania, Nepal, Brazil Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Gambia
Belarus, India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cuba

Pre Christmas Update
Nepal – Maiya distributes warm clothing and educational expendables to needy schools in rural Nepal. Many thanks to all who supported this venture especially Krishna Maiya and Team and companies in Aghalee.

Graduation Day Uganda
Science and Ecological Presentation Brazil.
Nepal – martial arts at the Metta Centre.
Brazil – Paula distributes items to needy children on her roadshow.

Final November Update.

Beautiful angels born to Tosin (Nigeria) and Renu (Nepal)

Uganda – David Tyler School – uniforms for 16 new pupils


Nepal – Krishna finds a village in need of support.
Nepal – Maiya supports disadvantaged school – love it.


Nepal – Metta Centre in Celebrations

Nepal – Maiya begins her plans for new project – refurbishment and resources needed.

Nigeria – textbooks for orphanage and school.

Nepal – Educational field trip to zoological gardens – great day was had by all.



October Update

Uganda : Classic Kitchens Aghalee supports David Tyler School


Ethiopia : Computer package and ICT Training for teachers and students


India : Story Telling at Henny Penny Library 5
India : Story Telling at Henny Penny Library 13
India :  Henny Penny Library 37


Nepal : one of our “daughters” wins national presentation/speech prize.
Nigeria : Educational trip to city museum


Uganda : Update from school.

Nepal – fashion show Kathmandu – our daughters in their winter coats.
The Gambia – Joseph is introduced to the wonders of an Ulster Fry and receives medals etc for competitions in The Gambia – thanks to Cheryl and CP Trophies and Engraving

End of term photographs of DT School, Uganda.
Henny Penny 37, India – opens its doors. Magnificent effort continues Sujata and Team.
August 2
1. Many congratulations to Temmy and mum on the birth of their first child. Aurora weighed in at 6.7lbs – mum and daughter doing well. The translation of Aurora is of course “Princess of the Don” !!!!

2. India : Well done to Sujata and team, three story telling sessions – Henny Penny 36 opened – new resource centre opened Kashmir – support for school uniforms and educational supplies, wall charts, text books etc.  Support from David Tyler Trust.3. Ethiopia : new computer package purchased for Elfneh’s school more news to follow.

August Update
India – artwork from our friends Putulbani
Nepal - Thanks to various individuals and groups – next order for children in the Kathmandu tents ready for distribution when the weather worsens.
Philippines - Thanks to Roch Valley – large shipment of shoes ready for packing in September’s Container.
Uganda - Examination Day – David Tyler School
Beautiful daughters and others  Nepal receive coats and scarves.
Parent/Guarden Open Day
David Tyler School, Uganda

Library / Computer Block nearing completion - Gambia
5 complete computer packages
supplies thanks to David Tyler Trust.

Educational expendables for David Tyler School, Uganda – livestock growing well free from disease. Keep at it Daniel.
Marvellous progress with new library and computer block – The Gambia –awesome Francis !!!
Educational visit to Lagos University museum - Nigeria – great work Ayodele.
Educational visit to photographic museum – Nigeria – partnership working well Raphael !!!

We wish Granny well in her renovated home and a big thank you to Heather and her work colleagues.



May Final Update
1. Nigeria : Office and pupil furniture for Street to School Initiative.
2. Uganda : Granny’s house rebuilt after a storm
3. England :  Photos of the raffle prize drawn by Bernie who donated the bear, and presentation of prize to Claire on behalf of the winner.
4. Nepal : New shoes for orphanage and educational supplies – also daughters’ temporary homes.
5. Nigeria :  McMillan Textbooks for Glory of Hope
Many thanks to David Tyler Trust, Heather and Colleagues, Ulster Teachers’ Union, Elaine and Alan’s Mace, Zeta’s Pharmacy.
Computer package and internet connection for rural schools in Nepal.
A Busy few weeks at David Tyler School, Uganda. New shoes, henhouse, chicks and layers, plantation, examinations
Sponsors Ulster Teachers' Union, and Hannah at Rock Pamper Scissors receive student paintings from Belarus. School for Art and Music No 2, Mozyr Belarus

Binee safe, as are the other daughters after the earthquake in Nepal.

Internet access and laptop for Deep Foundation, India
and Renu with her class
in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Thanks to David Tyler Trust children in Nigeria visit the National Museum.
Photographs from Belarus, March, 2015 - thanks to David Tyler Trust, Ulster Teachers' Union, Print it, CP Trophies and Engraving and others - support for cultural schools and sports' centres

David Tyler Nursery and Primary School, Uganda.

Uganda - After being found homeless
Daniel organises for two of Mary's  children to attend school - thanks to Ulster Teachers' Union and others.
Uganda : Whispers orphanage textbooks and miscellaneous
The Gambia : school benches and expendables.
Uganda : David Tyler School
Photographs show new student, harvest, building, children etc.
First February Update
1. Photographs show new computer suite Gambia – computers supported by David Tyler Trust.
2. Contacts made with second school in Gambia – support will be forthcoming.
3.New Textbooks and expendables for Glory of Hope, Nigeria
4. Feeding programme resumes Philippines...

5. David Tyler School Uganda - refurbishment
Educational fieldtrip Philippines : inter school cultural, craft and music exchanges.
Greetings from Dr. Federico Mayor.  Thanks to David Tyler Trust Print it Moira, Ulster Teachers' Union, CP Trophies and Engraving, items for Belarus and field trip in Philippines.
Roch Valley schoolbags arrive safely Uganda.
Educational Field trip Brazil - thanks to David Tyler Trust- Environmental studies the importance of bees and related topics.
Project Hope, Kampala, Uganda. Home move for Mary and her  wonderful children
Also support for Granny and the children in the village.

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