A Ray of Hope Projects 2014

Programmes in
Romania, Nepal, Hungary, Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Gambia
Belarus, India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cuba

Renu, in class with her pupils, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Basit and Family, Nigeria : Street to School, Initiative

Henny Penny 35 - well done Sujata and team, India

Henny Penny Library No 34. The project Sshrishti CRN is designed for the community living in five villages of rural Kumaon.
India - Sujata and teams - perpetual motion !!
Art from Bani, India.
India Our Friend Bani.
Nepal Renu organises her first educational visit to zoological gardens Kathmandu.

Philippines Digital camera for rural schools.

Uganda David Tyler School now with an enrolment of 46.

Two educational trips to Lagos Television centre, Nigeria.
New school uniforms for DTT School, Uganda - 45 children enrolled
Contemporary artwork from Bani : India

Educational visit to zoological gardens , Nepal.

Our friend, Dr. Federico Mayor becomes patron of David Tyler School, Uganda.

Renu and Dilip get married, Nepal.

Computer Block, The Gambia, nears completion.

Well done Tosin and team Street to School Initiative, Nigeria.

Early September Updates
Text books, laminator, MP3 players and digital camera for Ethiopia.
5 Computer packages for The Gambia

Digital projector for Nepal

 Examinations and market gardening David Tyler School, Uganda

Montage of Street to School Initiative , Nigeria

Thank you for the support from David Tyler Trust, Heather and many others.


Many thanks to David Tyler Trust, Ulster Teachers’ Union. Tile Market, Alan and Elaine , Mace Aghalee et al.
1. Deep Foundation and Henny Penny Libraries workshops, India
2. Henny Penny Libraries – new study mats for School under the Rainbow. India
3. Vegetable Garden David Tyler School, Uganda...
4. Digital Projector in use Street to School Initiative, Nigeria
5. E-learning Centre – Nigeria
6. Supplies and text books for rural schools Philippines.
E-learning Centre in Lagos, using newly acquired resources from David Tyler Trust.
From David Tyler Trust - support for Street to School Initiative, and Mary Jane Orphanage and School, Nigeria.
June      Ethiopia – from Elfneh - community receives digital projector and camera, plus accessories.

From Bani, India and Ashok, USA.

2.      India – from Sujata news from Henny Penny and introduction to a new travelling community.

   Philippines – text books etc for a rural school    
Ray of Hope rose. ( just for interest – nothing to do with us.)

     Nigeria  - Self Initiative Forum – a new exciting venture from Temi.
"Self-Made celeb"

David Tyler School, Uganda and educational visit organised by Ayodele, Nigeria
David Tyler school, Uganda : education, clothing and agriculture.
Updates from Henny Libraries, School under the Rainbow India : and from Tosin , Street to School Initiative, Nigeria.
New school uniforms thanks to David Tyler Trust. Project Hope Kampala. Well done Daniel and all involved.
Weeks 43 and 45 Feeding programme, Cebu City, project Hope, Philippines.
Also Tosin from Street to School Initiative, Nigeria and
Summer Sports' Clinic and Summer Volleyball League, Cebu City.
Week 44 Feeding Programme, Cebu City, Project Hope, Philippines.
1. Belarus :  Items for posting to Belarus as required by swimming pools. (David Tyler Trust)
2. New photograph of presentation from Kevin and Saintfield Horse Show or various projects.

3. Uganda : Daniel visits David Tyler School, Uganda
4. Ghana  : new computer suite to house 30 computers cuts the first turf.
5. India : Henny Penny Libraries 28-30 open their doors.


6. India : thanks to hardware store Aghagallon – socks arrive safely with Mukesh for Kashmir.
7. Nepal : Digital Projector begins journey to rural school, Nepal. ( David Tyler Trust)
8. Philippines : New banner unfurled – Project Hope, Philippines.
9. India : School under the rainbow revisited with school uniforms.
10. India : Workshops organised by Sujata.
David Tyler Nursery and Primary School, Uganda.
Project Hope Kampala
Toys from Santa's wee Village and material being considered for school uniform.

Henny Penny #28    Splash for Children
Dakshin Kalikata Sevashram
Sarat Bose Road

Kolkata …………………No. of children : 40 
Splash for Children is a non-profit body that has been formed by a group of like-minded people who believe that every child, irrespective of their socio-economic background, has the right to an excellent education. This Center is at Kolkata's oldest orphanage that houses boys from destitute homes. The committed team works hard to build comfort in English and Maths so that the children may be mainstreamed subsequently.

Henny Penny Libaries
Henny Penny, 28, 28, 30
Socks from Aghalee Hardware - Medals from
CP Trophies and Engraving.

Henny Penny #29
Splash for Children   Little Steps
Sarat Banerjee Road

Kolkata ……………..No. of children : 30
Splash for Children is a non-profit body that has been formed by a group of like-minded people who believe that every child, irrespective of their socio-economic background, has the right to an excellent education. This Center caters to the children from nearby slum clusters. The committed team works hard to build comfort in English and Maths so that the children may be mainstreamed subsequently

Henny Penny #30
Madanpur Khadar Village Near Sarita Vihar

New Delhi……………..No. of children : 60
This initiative emphasises on grooming children from grade I-V for their development as independent learners. The focus is on building early language, literacy and numeracy skills. The aim, as the children move to higher levels, is to equip them to perform at comparable levels when they reach class V. Children are encouraged to play with the alphabets, understand and coin words that they are familiar with. The teaching practices follow the continuum of developing the related listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Week 42 and Cleaning Initiative, Cebu City, Philippines.

Project Hope, Philippines.

A “Mexican Hotpot” of February’s activities to date.

Inside Abba International School, Ghana.
Heather visits a school in Cuba and distributes items collected from friends, and also donated by Santa’s wee Village
David Tyler Trust Nursery and Primary School, Uganda, open for business. Best wishes to the newly appointed teacher and many congratulations to Daniel and Paul.
Feeding programme Week 41 – Cebu City, Philippines. Excellent endeavours and enthusiasm from Dave and his friends.
Thanks to David Tyler Trust beginning of new computer suite purchased for our new friends in Gambia.
Support for Karol and his “On the Ball” initiative, Uganda.
Street to School Initiative, Nigeria, advances due to the dedication of Tosin and her many volunteers.
Resource Sharing Network Rebranded to
"Street to School Initiative"

Heather packs extra for Cuba
thanks to Santa's wee Village.

Greetings from Dr. Federico Mayor.

Metta Centre, Nepal - young princesses go shopping thanks to Heather and Tee.
Butterflies have a friendship day, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sujata visits Rainbow School, New Delhi India.

Binod visits schools in Rural Nepal.

January 2014
Furniture for Whispers
Orphanage and School
Daniel with new School
Sign. Uganda.
Text books provided for
new project in Gambia.
Butterflies in Nepal.



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