A Ray of Hope Projects 2011

The orphanage – “Glory of Hope” Nigeria came into existence
when Solomon witnessed the appalling need of little ones across Nigeria. From northern Nigeria children were discovered without homes living in the streets, with AIDS and many had been sexually abused by family members.
Innocent, is a little boy born into a rural family of four in the rural area of Ondo State. His father died after a serious illness leaving the widow without any form of provision. Both mum and children fell seriously ill with malaria and cholera. Solomon was engaged in outreach ministries and learned of this family’s predicament. Solomon took them from their meagre existence and brought them to Benin City. At this time Innocent and his siblings were ill with rashes and swollen faces.
Other children have been found on the refuse dump or in bins – dropped and discarded there from young girls who had unwanted pregnancies. Now some of these babies are in school and cared for in a loving community.

New school uniforms Glory of Hope Nigeria.
See Innocent = middle of front row.

Programmes in 

Romania, Nepal, Hungary, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Sierra Leone, 
Belarus, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines
, Bangladesh, Ethiopia



"Ray"and handsome brother  Nigeria.

"Hope" Nigeria

Four generations in a Ray of Hope

Our daughters in Nepal

Our first mobile school Kashmir India

Photographs of the Month - August

Mathematical Set Kenya

Mathematical Set Kenya

Intended projects 2011
Belarus, Hungary, Romania, India, Pakistan
Philippines, Nepal, Uganda, Nigeria, Goa, Kenya
Ethiopia, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Ghana,
Gambia and others.


Completed Tasks and Events


Housing Project Kenya

Housing Project Kenya

So proud of my new home
Building Projects and more
Kitale, Kenya

Medals for School for Diagnostics
and Development, Mozyr Belarus

Kenya Mathematical sets arrive safely -
Moses commences housing project - January, 2011

Support for Spirit of Christmas 2
Cebu City Philippines January, 2011

 Medals purchased for
 - and School for Diagnostics and Development
Mozyr, Belarus January, 2011

Support for Spirit of Christmas

Cebu City, Philippines

Ballet Slippers
Mozyr, Belarus

January's Logo
from Snejana in Bulgaria

Ballet Slippers Art and Music school
Mozyr, Belarus January, 2011

Metta Centre Nepal
Food, gifts, prizes provided January, 2011

New Hats and Scarves
Nepal - January, 2011


Metta Centre Nepal Party
Thanks to Ann and friends

Spirit of Christmas 2 Philippines

Metta Centre Nepal Party
Thanks to Ann and friends

Children New Delhi

Finances for clothes - disadvantaged children -
New Delhi India January, 2011

Educational materials
Metta Centre, Nepal January, 2011

Finances sent for building of
Education Centre Kitale, Kenya January, 2011

Sujata purchases warm clothing
New Delhi India

New Hats and Scarves
Metta Centre, Nepal

February Logo from
Snejana Bulgaria

Federico Mayor Prize
Cicerco Global Classics competition

Prizes for Cicero Global Classics competition
Federico Mayor Prize and A Ray of Hope Prize.
January, 2011

Thank you to Carol and Kevin
 Santa's wee Village
for their continual support.

Thanks to the generosity and support of Cheryl
CP Trophies and Engraving and Kevin and Carol
Santa's wee Village trophies available
for our projects. Photographs shortly.


New Delhi India Sujata's "babies"
hold tight to their new clothes.

A Ray of Hope Prize
Cicerco Global Classics competition

Trophies thanks to Cheryl
and CP Trophies and Engraving

Proud of their new clothes thanks
to Carol and Santa's wee Village India


Discussions begin with Piya and
the Nepalese Federation of Children

Deep Foundation 2011
Projects and Objectives. India

Miscellaneous items with Melanie
to Brazil.

Greetings from Dr. Federico Mayor
Past director General of UNESCO

Children from Nepalese Federation
for Children

Nepalese Federation of Children

Deep Foundation India 2011

Miscellaneous toys, thermal socks,
 art sets with Carol to Solomon -
disabled - all ages - India

Footballs, wall clock, wastepaper baskets
trophies, large balls for Aminatta
Sierra Leone


Supplies for Sierra Leone

Our Friend Dorothy
passes away in her 100th year.

Thank you Mukesh
Items arrive in New Delhi

March's Logo from
Snejana in Bulgaria
March's composition from
Reet in Estonia

Items for Bashir arrive safely
with Sujata New Delhi India
for Bashir and community - Kashmir


Thank you for the medical supplies.
Educational and medical supplies
sent to Sierra Leone and Nigeria

Student examination and material sponsorship
sent to student - Nigeria

Thank you to a long time friend
for the medical supplies.

New friends from Nigeria

Items for Kenya

Items for Kenya

Miscellaneous items - educational toys, thermal socks
medical items, cardigans and leggings for Kenya

Supplies safely arrive in Brazil
with Melanie and Thelma.
Refugees in Sao Paula and an

Careers Day
Resource Sharing Network

Melanie delivers supplies in Brazil

Melanie  travels to Sao Paula.

Magnificent Turnout
for Careers Day

Resource Sharing Network

Roadshow Resource Sharing network
Child protection Nigeria


so far has been a great success -
in Spain on Friday, Australia overnight overlapping
with the start of Italy on Saturday morning.  As Italy was ending the UK (5 centres) and France (10 centres) started.  Andorra will be on 1st April and Tunisia on 16th April (postponed because of their 'Jasmine Revolution' but bigger because the added freedom has meant that more schools in the south of the country have joined.

Child Protection Roadshow
RSN Nigeria

April's Logo from
Snejana Bulgaria

Kashmir India
Sujata and supplies arrive safely
with Bashir and his community.
The school has moved pastures with the goats
and is now in full swing with obviously more
children enrolled.
It doesn't get better than this !!!

Our long term friend
again provides much needed hospital and medical supplies.

Hope - Nigeria gets ready for the Royal wedding

April / May

Medical supplies for Nigerian Villages

Medical supplies for South African projects.

Project Hope - Uganda Annual Report for the Year
April 2010 – April 2011

Medical supplies for Nigeria

Medical supplies for South Africa

Recording of books and posters - New NEEV Library - New Delhi India

New library - New Delhi

Sujata and team on new library for disadvantaged children - New Delhi India
Thanks to many generous supporters
including David Tyler Trust.

David Tyler Trust provides educational materials
for Metta Centre Nepal.

May's Logo from Snejana in Bulgaria and
music composted by Reet in Estonia

Metta Centre Nepal
New educational materials

Metta Centre - Nepal

May's Logo Snejana
Click for May's composition Reet

Medical Supplies to
Worldwide Aid for Hospitals

Cooperation with Simon and Mike
Directors Education for All and
Worldwide Aid to Hospitals resp

An enormous thank you to the President and
Central Executive Committee
of the Ulster Teachers' Union

        Bashir's father and son Kashmir.

Dr. Federico Mayor Prize

Uganda Hope Foundation
affiliates to A Ray of hope

Another wonderful success for the organisers
and students of Cicero Worldwide.

Thank you to David Tyler Trust, Roch Valley
Limited, Santa's wee Village, CP Trophies and Engraving for support to Belarusian Projects.

Ulster Teacher's Union

Uganda Hope Foundation

Dr. Federico Mayor Prize
in the Global Classics competition goes to Italy.
1. France and Italy : 36.5 3. UK : 36
4. Spain and Australia : 33
6. Tunisia : 30 7. Andorra : 25.5

School for Diagnostics, Belarus

Medals for School for Diagnostics and Development
also educational toys and presentation board display equipment.

Ballet Slippers for School for Art and Music

Educational posters and teachers' notes for Svetlana
in Gymnasia.

Dennis Westgate Compositions
for School for Art and Music


Gymnasia, Mozyr, Belarus

School for Diagnostics, Belarus

Melanie - Hungary and Romania May, 2011


Melanie and 8 teachers from United Kingdom have a wonderful trip to share experiences with new friends in Hungary and Romania.

Web Album of visit to Mozyr, Belarus May, 2011 -
photographs of Diagnostics School,
School for Art and Music, Gymnasia
and very special people and places.


Anna browses Dennis' compositions

Ballet Slippers, Music school, Belarus

Hungary/Romania 2011

Hungary/Romania 2011

Victor, Williams, Oluwajomiloju, Oluwaseun, Faithful and brother to Hope born weighing 3.7kgs to Anu.
Lagos Nigeria

Seguya in Uganda visits our new affiliate project
Foundation Hope, Uganda - a wonderful organisation
promoting caring and sharing.

New princesses

Bipana  7 years old
Rita       8 years old
join the Metta Centre, Nepal
We wish them a future knowing they
will receive much love and care.

Victor - Lagos

Bipana and Rita, Metta Centre, Nepal

Glory of Hope, Nigeria

Nigeria - Doris

Thanks to Ulster Teachers' Union finances sent
to Metta Centre, Nepal for new bed
linen, summer clothes, mosquito nets and saris.
Photographs to follow.

We welcome Glory of Hope Nigeria, into the
family of A Ray of Hope

Nigeria - Doris supported by David Tyler Trust
Good luck with the examination results
Resource Sharing Network

"AHEAD" - Ethiopia

"AHEAD" Ethiopia

Uganda Hope Foundation

Uganda Hope Foundation

"AHEAD" Ethiopia have wonderful support and a major successes in their sponsored bicycle ride.
Every best wish to all involved.

Seguya visits Uganda Hope Foundation
Well done carers and students.

Thanks to Ulster Teachers' Union - schoolbags
purchased and distributed safely in New Delhi, India

New schoolbags New Delhi, India

Deep Foundation - New Delhi, India

Glory of Hope, Nigeria

Glory of Hope, Nigeria

Thanks to Ulster Teachers' Union  -
new school bags distributed to the children
of Glory of Hope, Nigeria

Thanks to Ulster Teachers' Union - new mosquito nets,
summer clothes and bed linen. Metta Centre Nepal

Ann and Kay provide saris for our
new daughters. Metta Centre Nepal

Metta Centre, Nepal

Metta Centre, Nepal

New daughters, Metta Centre, Nepal

Metta Centre Nepal - new mosquito nets.

More photographs from the Metta Centre showing new bed linen and mosquito nets.

Thanks to Belinda Fair -
our new friend and very accomplished
Irish artist - library books purchased
for Deep Foundations new library in New Delhi, India.

Finances sent to Sponsor the mentees
in Resource Sharing Network,
Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you Belinda - library books for New Delhi

Metta Centre, Nepal - new bed linen

Mentees - Resource Sharing Network. Lagos, Nigeria

Glory of Hope Nigeria

Metta Centre Nepal
Thanks to David Tyler Trust support sent to purchase
mathematical sets, schoolbags and books.

25 school uniforms purchased
for Glory of Hope Nigeria -
"Innocent" gets his new school uniform.

Finances sent to support
mentees in Resource Sharing Network
Nigeria thanks to  Ulster Teachers' Union

Whisper orphanage and school

The Henny Penny
Library Journey Begins - India

Deep Foundation India

Tutus for Mozyr Belarus

Thanks to Santa's wee Village, and David Tyler Trust
Educational activity toys and posters, teachers' notes etc
off to Whisper School and Orphanage, Uganda.

Thanks to David Tyler Trust tutus purchased
for School for Art and Music No2 - Mozyr Belarus.

Educational materials sent to new resource centre
Resource Sharing Network, Lagos, Nigeria.

Resource Centre - Lagos, Nigeria

Posters for Resource Centre RSN Nigeria

Ahead - Ethiopia

Resource Sharing Network Nigeria

Sewing and knitting machine purchased
for Resource Centre RSN - Nigeria

Sewing machine purchased for
Ahead - Ethiopia

First garment - from Knitting machines -
Resource Sharing Network - Lagos, Nigeria

New painting from Belinda Fair
Our artist in Residence

New Painting from Belinda Fair

August's Logo from Snejana Bulgaria

First Garment from Knitting Machine Nigeria

Trophies for art competition
Belarus/Ukraine November, 2011

Trophies and medals for art competition
Belarus and Ukraine thanks to Ulster Teachers' Union
and CP Trophies and Engraving.

New Agricultural tools thanks to David Tyler Trust -
Lunch for Learning - Uganda

School uniforms thanks to Ulster Teachers' Union
for Glory of Hope, Nigeria

New hoes for Lunch4learning thanks to David Tyler Trust

New School uniforms for
Glory of Hope, Nigeria

Resource Sharing Network
Knitting and Sewing

Resource Centre
Lagos, Nigeria

Knitting and sewing items start production in the Resource Centre, RSN, Lagos Nigeria

Congratulations to Lunch4 learning - 54 schools produced 200,000 kgs of maize - a wonderful initiative - hoes purchased by David Tyler Trust


Hoes purchased by David Tyler Trust for Lunch4Learning - Uganda

Pencil cases from Anne - Uganda

Uganda - educational toys
from Santa's wee Village

Uganda - educational resources from David Tyler Trust.

Thanks to Anne (pencil cases) David Tyler Trust -
(Educational posters and Resources) Santa's wee Village - (Educational toys) items delivered to
disadvantaged children in Uganda.

A new Henny Penny Library opens
in India

Metta Centre Nepal - thanks to David Tyler Trust
new schoolbags and school supplies provided
for our daughters

Henny Penny India on the march.
A new library opens - 4 eggs now hatched

New schoolbags and supplies thanksto David Tyler Trust

Binita and Renu return to assist.

Group photograph anniversary day.

Metta Centre Nepal celebrates
its 11th anniversary - congratulations to
all involved - the director, staff and "daughters"
deserve much credit for all they have achieved
over the last 11 years and we wish them well in the years to come assured there will be even greater successes.

Laura coincides her visit with anniversary celebrations

Laura's new friends.

Our daughters with Laura.

Congratulations to all involved with
Resource Sharing Network Nigeria.
Resource Centre up and running
producing delightful knitwear

Also a very successful summer vocational


October's Logo

Resources Arrive Safely.

October's logo from
Snejana in Bulgaria

Educational resources
arrive safely in Nigeria

Archie gets measured up !!!!


First Ethiopian
Henny  Penny Library

An Important day for Archie

Well done Sujata and all involved.

Henny Penny Libraries off to a magnificent
start with 5 libraries in new Delhi and Kashmir.


October and November

Whispers School and Orphanage

thanks To David Tyler Trust, Santa's wee Village
and well done Veronika and everyone involved.

Welcome to Asif and his team - Project Hope
Pakistan into the global family of A Ray of Hope

A wonderfully inspiring initiative to feed, educate,
train and care for those who deserve it so much.

November, 2011

More photographs from
Project Hope Pakistan and the visit
to assist their friends
in the orphanage. Well done everyone involved.


Henny Penny continues to flourish
with  new libraries in Kashmir. Well done all involved especially Sujata and her team and the
many supporters and congratulations to Bashir
and community - school recognised by the government. So much enthusiasm and endeavour.
Sincere thanks to David Tyler Trust for their
continued support. So necessary and enormously


Mozyr, Belarus, 2011 - a wonderful visit with projects flourishing. The directors, staff and students demonstrate all that is good in Belarus. We look forward to further initiatives in 2011 to include Gymnasia, Art and Music Schools, School for Diagnostics and Development and much more.

Schoolbags purchased by Asif -
Project Hope Pakistan
thanks to the support of
David Tyler Trust.

Plans beginning to take fruition for
Spirit of Christmas III.
Cebu City
18th December, 2011

Click to see the 12
Henny Penny Libraries

Footwear for children in Nigeria

New Footwear - thanks to David Tyler Trust for
needy children in Nigeria.

Henny Penny Libraries opens the doors
of 5 more premises - thanks to many sponsors and the
awesome endeavours of Sujata and team.

Spirit of Christmas III Cebu City Philippines
an awesome success thanks to the endeavours
and enthusiasm of Debbie, Badang, Family and friends.

Spirit of Christmas III Philippines






"Chemistry Clinic" The Science Lab Food Health
and Hygiene
Digital Literacy
Love me Love  Environment  

Animal catalogue Sierra Leone and Nepal  Uganda


Communication 2011 with

Ukraine Russia Greece Poland
Ireland Nepal South Africa Malaysia
Bulgaria Belarus Scotland Germany
Goa England Uganda U.S.A.
Nigeria Tanzania Denmark Hungary
France Mexico Kenya Ethiopia
Romania Spain Mexico South Korea
Philippines South Africa Sierra Leone Lebanon
Argentina Brazil India Canada
Ghana Pakistan