Projects 2009

Programmes in 

Romania, Nepal, Hungary, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Sierra Leone, 
Belarus, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines
, Bangladesh


"Chemistry Clinic" The Science Lab ReviseGuys
Digital Literacy
Love me Love  Environment Food Health
and Hygiene

Animal catalogue Sierra Leone and Nepal  Uganda

Supplies Delivered to

Hungary Romania Tanzania Philippines Singapore
Confectionery, Trainers, cuddly toys.

New Winter Coats for our Princesses -
Extra winter wear and undergarments
Classroom boards for 7 schools
Classroom boards for 5 schools
New summer wear for all of the girls
Miscellaneous items for new intakes.
Finances for winter blankets and a Christmas party

South Africa
Football supplies and confectionery

Clothes and confectionery

Duvet covers and bedding + confectionery

Trophies/medals etc for various competitions.

Hungary and Romania
Substantial supply of baby clothes, confectionery and shoes.

Clothes, toys, educational supplies and confectionery
Small finances

Trophies and Small Finances for Partially Hearing Unit, Orphanage,
Essay Competition and Mentoring Initiatives
Sports and educational supplies
Educational resources, lesson notes and teaching materials

Substantial supply of educational posters.
Teachers' notes, resource material and lesson plans
Two series of desktop science books
Package of educational posters etc for Mumbai

Substantial supply of educational posters, teachers' notes, resource material
Children's clothes - all ages. Large quantity of toys.
Chocolate biscuits, 4000!!, folders/wallets

Baby clothes

Educational posters, resource material, teachers' notes
Science books, teachers' booklets, plastic wallets, trophies etc

Visits and Reports

Melanie and Thelma  Philippines
Report and Album
January/February, 2009
Vivienne  Tanzania
Report and Album

February/March 2009
Seguya - Project Hope Uganda
March, 2009
April, May - 2009 Video reports on Video Page

June, 2009
Football Mission and Report

Visit to Hungary  Visit to Nigeria
Visit to Tanzania  Visit to Singapore/Philippines

Visit to Belarus.

Report 2009

2009 over and a wonderful year for A Ray of Hope – a plethora of events by those who wished to make a difference for those who needed the difference made.  Most of the notable happenings appear in our journal and since 2010 is where we now must aim, then the summary will be concise.

Educational  and miscellaneous supplies were delivered to 14 countries, over 20 projects of  miscellaneous type were both initiated and developed in 12 countries. 8 new organisations affiliated and the foundation stones for two further groupings were laid.

The journals appear to have been effective with Pour Les Femmes attracting over 30,000 views and 140 women from across the globe dedicating their support. YouTube proved to have been a different way of promoting project visits and reports and many new friends were gained from YouTube and Face Book. Some offering assistance to further individual initiatives.

8 major companies and organisations continued their generous support.

It was also a year of celebration on the birth of “new little” members of A Ray of Hope – with Hope being born to Anu and living in Lagos,  the same city as Ray, who blossoms in his young life.

Our sincere thanks to the many individuals, groups, organisations and companies whose contributions and assistance are both valued and necessitous.

Further information on all the projects can be found at

Communication 2009 with

Belarus Nepal Uganda U.S.A.
Nigeria Bulgaria Denmark Hungary
France England Kenya Brazil
South Africa Ukraine Poland Germany
Romania Mozambique Turkey South Korea
Philippines Tanzania Sierra Leone Lebanon
Argentina Columbia Morocco Canada
Spain Portugal Mexico Israel
Thailand Russia Greece Egypt
Italy Sweden South Africa Malaysia
Ireland Taiwan Scotland Peru
India Japan Singapore Venezeula