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It is a great delight for me to introduce and inform you that Laura is now a member of A Ray of Hope's Global Team of experts. I am convinced that she will contribute much to yet another important aspect of A Ray of Hope's Global ethos of friendship and sharing. Don

Laura Larsson is currently a Clinical Faculty member in the Department of Health Services and a Principal in Cedar Collaboration. She does considerable teaching in the areas of public health and in personal knowledge management. From 1980-2000 she was the Director of Information Services in the School of Public Health (SPHCM) and Community Medicine at the University of Washington's Department of Health Services. In that role she provided for the research and teaching information needs of a very eclectic user group of faculty and students whose research interests spanned public health, medicine, informatics, and social sciences. When she was with the School she was the motivating force behind development of the SPHCM's Home Page, the Health Services home page and various of its tracks and was responsible for creating more than 150 course Webs. She also helped set up three Learning Resource Centers in Russia. Prior to coming to Health Services, she was the head of the Mathematics Research Library at the University of Washington. Now retired she develops online learning and runs the American Public Health Association's Film & Technology Theater at the Annual Meeting.


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Digital Literacy Liaison
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UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace